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Wed Jun 27 16:08:51 EEST 2001

Dear All,

We close now the CRM Correlation Test Project 
It has brought very valuable results, and has verified both, the 
CRM approach and the specific contents of the CRM and its latest 
extensions as an excellent solution to the interoperability of 
data and metadata of museums and beyond.

Results are presented on the sites:

(XML files must be viewed with a suitable browser, e.g.
Microsoft Internet Explorer. The automatic invocation of Iexplorer
by Netscape leads normally to an error, as it copies the file and not
the associated XSL to a temporary location)

We shall further update this site,
as more details about results may still come to our knowledge 
and to correct any errors we encounter. (We apologize in advance 
for minor inconsistencies that may still exist between
DTD's, XSL files and the referred versions of the CRM.)
If you are aware of any other use of the CRM not mentioned there, 
please do not hesitate to contact us, it will be published on the 
same site. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any problems 
you detect in the results, be it inconsistencies, spelling errors, 
interpretational problems.
The mailing list cidoc-test will be closed now. The mail archive 
will remain accessible on the site. If you are 
interested in staying in contact with the CIDOC Documentation 
Standards work, please subscribe to either cidoc-docustrd 
(Documentation Standards Working Group) or crm-sig
(CIDOC-CRM Special Interest Group). For details please see

Our warmest thanks to all those people that have supported 
this work. We apologize that not all contributors are
mentioned on these pages.
We also apologize for cross-posting this message.

I hope to see you all in Barcelona,



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