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Dear All,

This is a request for e-mail vote. Following the proposal of the Steering Committee,
The CRM Definition Version 3.2 is proposed as Committee Draft to be submitted to
the ISO Working Group. The ISO Working Group will reformat the document following ISO
rules and submit it for vote to ISO at the next ISO TC46 meeting.
For details see the reports on the SIG website, the CRM Version 3.1 and 3.2 on the CRM
documents page, and the details about the ISO process.
If you have any question about this vote, do not  hesitate to contact us.


I agree with CRM version 3.2 as Committee Draft YES/NO


Here an explanation of the changes made:

The Agios Pavlos Extensions declared two new abstract entities: "Beginning of Existence" and "End of Existence" as fundamental building blocks for temporal and spatiotemporal reasoning. In particular
they support the analysis of the concepts "terminus postquem" and "terminus antequem", fundamental to historical studies. The range of the respective links " brought into existence", "took out of
existence" has been declared in lack of a more precise notion as "E1 CRM Entity". This causes a recursion on the concept itself, and on all events and activities below. E.g. a Destruction was brought
into existence etc. Therefore the abstract entity Existence has been declared in agreement with the scope note of "Beginning of Existence", which seems to perfectly capture the notion, and avoids the
recursion by unwanted inheritance, and the underspecification problem of the range entity. Even though the introduction of a high-level entity may seem to be a big step, it is conservative: No current
instances are invalidated. It is further an abstract entity, not intended for instantiation. It's effects are local, i.e. restricted to the immediate subclasses and superclasses of "Existence".

(After the comment from Nick Crofts, I am inclined to rename the new Entity from "Existence" to
"Persistent Item")

Please do not hesitate, besides your vote, to ask questions or give comments.

All the best,


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