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I thought this message is of general interest:



You asked for copies of standards that you would like covered by the
For information of the meeting therefore I attach a summarised copy of
MIDAS data standard - the full version can be viewed online at

MIDAS is intended to provide a standard for description of monuments,
buildings and related heritage information. It is based in part on the
standards for archaeological sites, so I think it should not be a
task to integrate the two.

As I have said before, I think the main area of additional work that
be needed for CRM to cover the sites and monuments is perhaps  a more
detailed  consideration of Locations, which may be known with different
levels of precision, confidence and accuracy. A related concept that is
increasingly important for the UK heritage sector is the idea of 'Place'
ie defining and documenting the character of an 'area' (say for example
historic industrial area within a town, or a rural area with a
pastoral economy) as opposed to the traditional focus on individual
buildings or archaeological monuments.

You may be interested to hear that the inaugural meeting of FISH, the
on Information Standards in Heritage which now has a UK wide remit will
held on 18th July in London. I will ensure that relationship of FISH to
CIDOC-CRM is considered at that meeting.

Best wishes

Edmund Lee

Data Standards Supervisor
English Heritage
Data Services Unit
National Monuments Record Centre
Kemble Drive
United Kingdom

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