[Carv-server-reserve] swimming with hadoop

Pilar Gonzalez Ferez pilar at ics.forth.gr
Thu Sep 22 21:34:01 EEST 2016

Hi Christos,
I am using sith5 an sith6. Doing some tests, that are giving too much problem.
Both computers are rebooted with only 64GB. In the moment I free them,
I would modify this setup.
Quoting kozanitis <kozanitis at ics.forth.gr>:

> I am using hadoop to execute a suite of SWIM runs... the cluster  
> might be relatively busy (with some sleep intervals) for the next  
> 1-2 hours.
> In the meantime can anyone point me to the location of hadoop (not  
> hadoop-spark) logs? Also what is the port that I should
> connect to see the progress of my hadoop jobs? the default 8080 is  
> taken by spark.
> thanks,
> Christos
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