[Carv-server-reserve] New machines in cluster

Ioannis Sfakianakis jsfakian at ics.forth.gr
Thu Sep 22 15:55:23 EEST 2016

Hello all,

We have created this list for better communication/coordination about 
using/sharing the servers in the cluster. Please be kind to ask for 
permission (by sending an email in this list), if you want private 
access of a group of servers for some period. If there is no respond in 
your request (after 1 hour), consider your the request granted.

We are in favour of time-sharing of our infrastructure, this means that 
the servers belong to everybody and no one at the same time (depending 
on the use). So, please be kind to inform each other as much as possible 
about your intentions.

Thank you in advance,

Yannis Sfakianakis

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